Free iPhone Games- How To Get Them For Free

How much do you know about your iPhone? Did you know you could do much more than just talk on it? In saying that, do you know where to get free iPhone games and how to get them? There is no doubt that the iPhone craze is just beginning to take hold. Yet, the number of people who know where to get free iPhone games and how to get them are sharply divided in half.

It has been found that iPhone items are usually cheaper (sometimes free) than going through Itunes. What kinds of resources are available for game capabilities? There are actually four resources in finding free iPhone games.

Resource One of Free Games-

By doing an engine search through Google or Yahoo, there are plenty of hits that come up. By typing in various ways of saying “Free iPhone Games”, there are several websites that have a distinct blueprint and none of which helps a consumer get reliable, free games. Why is this?

These sites are dedicated in making money from the advertising that is on the website. These can take form of on the page advertisements or even pop ups. A person can tell by these advertisements if a site is worth their time in searching for free games. Are they in it mainly for the money? Yes, they are in fact.

Resource Two of Free Games-

Much like search engine hits, “free” sites are nothing but a scam. They say they can help in your search by offering games on their sites but the reality is they only want money, which they make from the advertisements. There are two reasons to stay away from these types of sites. One – games are usually older although they are a couple of newer ones and two – the speeds on these sites are generally horrible and even though you may have high-speed access, these sites typically do not.

Resource Three of Free Games-

Never, ever use torrent or peer-to-peer sites to download your iPhone games. There are two big reasons behind this. First off, it is quite likely a virus will infect your computer and iPhone at some point and secondly, getting iPhone games for free like this can have legal implications that could possibly put you into prison for a long time.
Resource Four of Free Games –

However, there is hope! Some sites offer free downloading games for life. The only thing you must to do to enjoy this benefit is pay a one-time $30 or more fees. This fee covers maintenance of the site and its listings. Their download times are much better, which lead to more game downloads.

So how can someone get free iPhone games? Taking a glance at the different options and choosing one that would best suit your needs is the most important thing. By trying each and every one of the methods, you will find one right for you.

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